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Just Egypt Tours

Diving in the Red Sea Egypt
The Red Sea is one of the most famous scuba diving destinations.
This is due to the good visibility almost all year round, the beautiful coral formations
and the closeness to Europe which makes an excellent quality price value.

You will explore the Red Sea in well equipped diving boats designed for your safety, comfort and fun.
Native experienced Captains will guide you to the best unspoiled diving sites in the Red Sea and Instructors full aware of different tastes & demands of various divers will coach you during your diving trips.

If you are not a diver you can easily become one by joining a PADI - CMAS - NAUI - SSI,
diving course provided for all levels, and enjoy your first dive in the beautiful Red Sea,
or just enjoy the sun on the white sandy beaches.

  •  Hurghada
  • Sharm El Sheikh
  • Safaga
  • Marsa Alam
  • Quseir
  • Dahab
  • El Gouna
  • Noweiba
  • Taba



Red Sea diving guide
Water: 18 to 26 degrees Celsius
Air: 18 to 40 degrees Celsius
Possible to dive all year round
Best time to dive: End of Spring and Autumn
Worst time to dive: Winter

The Red Sea counts among the ten best diving destinations in the world.
Famous for its coral (hard and soft) and most of all good visibility.

If you get bad visibility then you are really unlucky because this is very rare!
Starting from Europe it's the best quality price you can get! The Red Sea has one
of the most famous wrecks in the world, shown many times on TV documentaries.

Every region in the Red Sea has its own special attractions but in general
the further south you go the better the dive quality.

Not to miss in the Red Sea: Brothers Islands, Thistlegorm wreck, Deep South, Safaga,
Elfinstone Reef, dolphin dive from Samadai, Rocky Island and St. Johns reefs.
Wrecks of the Red Sea



Thistlegorm Wreck
one of the top wreck dives in the world, you'll need to dive it more than
once to explore more than a tiny part of the wreck.
Dun raven Wreck
The Dun raven, a steam and sail driven cargo ship, is one of the oldest wrecks in the Red Sea.
Cable Wreck Ulysses
On its way from London to Penang the Ulysses, also known as Cable Layer,
sunk in 1887 after running on the north eastern coast of Small Gubal Island.
Wrecks of Abu Nuhas
Due to its exposed location, just off the northern coast of Shedwan
Island at the edge of the Straight of Gubal the Sha'ab Abu Nuhas is a navigation hazard.
Evidenced by several wrecks on its northern slope, it is well known as a "ship's graveyard"
Rosalie Moller
The freighter was built in Glasgow, it left the shipyard as "Francis",
later the name was changed to "Rosalie Moller".
Sudan - Blue Belt (Toyota Wreck)
The Blue Belt was on its way from Jeddah to Port Sudan when it struck the reef Sha'ab Suedi,
about 75km north of its destination. Because of the cargo the vessel had loaded, like cars,
trucks, trailers etc. it is also well known as Toyota wreck.

Why just Egypt??

Just Egypt is a well-established company specialized in the cruise lines and shore excursions with a long history in the field of inbound, outbound, safari and local Egyptian leisure sales trips.Just Egypt Tours grow by Mr. Essam Hanafy and Mr. Mohamed Anwar who were partners of their own personal company.

At just Egypt, we base our business on quality service, quality product selection and lots of personal touches
Our impeccable attention to detail, rigid quality control standards, and our highly trained staff ensure that every trip with just Egypt is smooth, trouble free, unforgettable and full of wonder.

We have a huge and extensive experience in providing both excellent services and a very competitive tour prices, as a result some of the Best International Tour Operator Agencies took Just Egypt Tours to be their Official Travel Agency to represent them in Egypt.

The programs we suggest on this website are just a sample of what we can do, however we do specialize in tailor made arrangements for all our valued clients according to their needs, just let us know what is on your mind and leave the rest for us